Knowledge management across the environment-policy interface in China

Global to local environmental policy-making is increasingly evidenced-based. Knowledge exchange (KE) is increasingly used by environmental scientists and policymakers, to deliver evidence-based policy and practice. This NERC-funded knowledge exchange project, a research package within the China-UK Critical Zone programme in China was undertaken to understand the existing knowledge management dynamics across the environment-policy interface in China, with the aim to facilitate the efficient uptake of scientific findings about Critical Zone research in China and to inform better evidence-based policy-making.

To achieve this, data was collected from literature review and social science surveys during 2016-2018. The literature data provided insights about what knowledge was exchanged in China, why and how was this undertaken. The social surveys were conducted to a range of groups including environmental scientists in China and the UK (which are presented in this category). This data illustrates the different knowledge management experience of scientists from both countries