Plynlimon research catchments: soil parent materials

Distribution of soil parent materials in the Severn and Wye catchments. These were mapped during the Soil Hydrology Study conducted by JP Bell in 1968-1969: Bell, J.P. (1969). The Soil Hydrology of the Plynlimon Catchments. Institute of Hydrology Report No. 8, Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, UK.

Publication date: 2010-06-18

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Format of the dataset : ESRI shapefile

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Study area
Temporal extent
1968-12-31    to    …

Provenance & quality

This dataset was digitised from scanned paper map, most likely the soil type boundaries had been hand drawn on a paper map as a result of direct observations on site.

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Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Maclean Building, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford
OX10 8BB Wallingford
United Kingdom

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Environmental Information Data Centre
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
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Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - Rees Section


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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


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Inland Waters
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