Pontbren automatic weather station (AWS) dataset

This dataset is from an automatic weather station (AWS) located at the Pontbren study site in mid-Wales, UK. The AWS was installed at the Bowl study site, an area of improved grassland, between 2006-2010 as part of the Pontbren Catchment Study Land Use and Management Multi-Scale Experimental Programme. The parameters measured by the AWS were; incident radiation, wind speed and direction, soil and air temperature, relative humidity and net radiation. All sensors are sampled every one minute and provided in the form of daily and ten-minute averages. Data are provided in the form of .txt files and generally split into six-month blocks. Associated with each data point in the .txt file is a quality assurance code, QA code, in the adjacent column. Details of the dataset and the quality assurance coding system (Appendix A) are provided in the supporting documentation. Other measurements taken at the Bowl include monitoring runoff from an improved grassland field in the form of overland and drain flow, soil water tension, soil volumetric moisture content, groundwater height and precipitation.
Publication date: 2012-04-02