Redhead, J.W.; Oliver, T.H.; Woodcock, B.A.; Pywell, R.F.

Wheat yield resilience metrics for sample 10km x 10km grid cells in England, 2008-2017

Data on resilience of wheat yields in England, derived from the annual Defra Cereals and Oilseeds production survey of commercial farms. The data presented here are summarised over a ten-year time-series (2008-2017) at 10km x10km grid cell (hectad) resolution. The data give the mean yield, relative yield, yield stability and resistance to an extreme event (the poor weather of 2012), for all hectads with at least one sampled farm holding in each year of the time-series (i.e. the minimum data required to calculate the resilience metrics). These metrics were calculated to explore the impact of landscape structure on yield resilience. The data also give the number of samples per year per hectad, so that sampling biases can be explored and filtering applied. No hectads are included that contain data from <9 holdings across the time series (the minimum level required by Defra to maintain anonymity is <5).

The data were created under the ASSIST (Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems) project by staff at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology to enable exploration of the impacts of agriculture on the environment and vice versa, enabling farmers and policymakers to implement better, more sustainable agricultural practices.
Publication date: 2020-07-07