Climate hydrology and ecology research support system [CHESS]

The Climate hydrology and ecology research support system (CHESS) provides high-resolution gridded datasets for environmental research. These datasets include data for driving land surface models and hydrological models, as well as model output.

Currently CHESS contains three datasets; CHESS-met, CHESS-PE and CHESS-land. CHESS-met consists of eight meteorological variables at 1km resolution daily from 1961-2015 over Great Britain, which can be used to drive the JULES land surface model. CHESS-PE consists of two estimates of evaporative demand over the same temporal and spatial resolution, calculated from the CHESS-met data. CHESS-land consists of a set of water, energy and carbon fluxes at 1km spatial resolution, and both daily and monthly temporal resolution, from 1961-2015 over Great Britain. CHESS-land resulted as output from an integration of the JULES land surface model driven by CHESS-met.

Supplemental information

Other useful information regarding this data collection:

The CHESS Explorer application provides the ability for users to preview the data, visualise maps of the different meteorological variables, and understand how they vary across the country and through time.
MAJIC (Managing Access to Jules in the Cloud) is a web application that allows users to drive the JULES land-surface model with the CHESS-met dataset within a high performance computing environment over the web.
1 km gridded estimates of daily and monthly rainfall for Great-Britain and Northern Ireland from 1890 to 2012, used for the CHESS-met precipitation variable.