Deere, N.J. et al

High Carbon Stock stratification of the SAFE project site, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, 2015 [HMTF]

This data set provides a spatial stratification of forest cover into discrete vegetation classes according to the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach. The data set covers the Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) project site located in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Data were collected in 2015 during a project which was included in the NERC Human-modified tropical forest (HMTF) programme.

Publication date: 2017-09-18

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You must cite: Deere, N.J.; Guillera-Arroita, G.; Baking, E.L.; Bernard, H.; Pfeifer, M.; Reynolds, G.; Wearn, O.R.; Davies, Z.G.; Struebig, M.J. (2017). High Carbon Stock stratification of the SAFE project site, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, 2015 [HMTF]. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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Study area
Temporal extent
2015-03-01    to    2015-09-01

Provenance & quality

Landsat 8 and SPOT5 satellite imagery (15 m and 2.5 m resolution respectively; temporal range: 2012-2014) were used to stratify forest habitat using phase one High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessment protocols. Multiple data sources were chosen to minimise the difficulties associated with cloud cover and haze. A supervised classification of satellite images was undertaken, supplemented with visual interpretation techniques to correct for the potentially confounding effects of topographic shadow. This resulted in four discrete HCS classes, in descending order of carbon value: Dense Forest, Young Regenerating Forest, Scrub and Open Land. These classes were calibrated using above-ground carbon values derived from forest inventory data collected as part of the core SAFE monitoring programme (N=139).


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Nick Deere
University of Kent
School of Anthropology and Conservation, Marlowe Building


Deere, N.J.
University of Kent
Guillera-Arroita, G.
University of Melbourne
Baking, E.L.
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Bernard, H.
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Pfeifer, M.
Newcastle University
Reynolds, G.
South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP)
Wearn, O.R.
Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London
Davies, Z.G.
University of Kent
Struebig, M.J.
University of Kent

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NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre
NERC Environmental Information Data Centre
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University of Kent

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Imagery / Base Maps / Earth Cover , Geoscientific Information
fragmentation,  High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach,  human-modified landscape,  Mammals,  oil palm,  REDD+,  Tropical forests
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WGS 84
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