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Feeney, C.J.; Robinson, D.A.; Thomas, A.R.C.; Borrelli, P.; Cooper, D.M.; May, L.

Predicted soil erosion rates, nutrient fluxes and topsoil lifespans, modelled for Kenya at a 30 metre resolution

This dataset presents predicted soil erosion rates (t ha-1 yr-1) and its impact on topsoils, including lifespans (yr) assuming erosion rates remain constant and there is no replacement of soil; flux rates of soil organic carbon via erosion (t SOC ha-1 yr-1); flux rates of soil nitrogen via erosion (t N ha-1 yr-1); and flux rates of soil phosphorous via erosion (t P ha-1 yr-1). The dataset comes in the form of three multi-band raster GeoTiff files, structured as follows:

LC16_Results.tif: Model predictions generated under the 2016 Copernicus Land Cover Map at 30-metre resolution (five bands)
Mitigation_scenarios.tif: Predicted reductions in erosion rates in the event of implementing mitigation scenarios described in sixteen different scenarios (sixteen bands).
PNV_Results.tif: Same structure as LC16_Results.tif, but stores predictions generated under the Potential Natural Vegetation cover map for East Africa at 30-metre resolution (five bands)
Publication date: 2023-06-19