Pontbren neutron probe soil moisture data

This dataset includes neutron probe data measured across the Pontbren study catchment in mid-Wales, UK. Neutron probe access tubes were installed at various locations across the site and measurements taken between 2006-2009 as part of the Pontbren Catchment Study Land Use and Management Multi-Scale Experimental Programme. To estimate profile volumetric soil moisture content (cm3 cm-3), measurements were taken every 10 cm down the soil profile to a maximum depth of 120 cm below the soil surface. Raw neutron probe count data (16 second sampling time) are provided along with shield count (1 x 64 second sampling time) and water count (average 5 x 64 second sampling time) data. These data are provided in .txt files and have columns indicating the site and plot name along with a time stamp. Depth of observation is shown in the column headings of the data. Due to access tubes becoming water logged it was sometimes not possible to carry out measurements at the lower depths of some of the access tubes. Details of the dataset, monitoring locations and how to convert neutron probe counts to volumetric moisture content are provided in the supporting documentation.
Publication date: 2012-04-02