Savage, J. et al

Impact of grassland management on biomass production and nutritional quality, invertebrate communities, and soil health in Berkshire (UK) 2009-2012

The dataset describes the effects of different management techniques on grassland biomass production (dry matter yield), nutritional quality (herbage nitrogen content), pollinator communities (abundance and species richness), predatory beetle communities (abundance, species richness and biomass), and soil health (bulk density, total soil carbon and nitrogen). Data was collected from a site in Berkshire (UK), where a field-scale, randomised block experiment had been implemented to investigate how the establishment of a variety of plant functional groups (grasses, legumes, and other flowering forbs) using different cultivation (minimum tillage and deep ploughing) and management (cutting, grazing and their intensity) techniques, affected the provision of various ecosystem services.
Publication date: 2019-03-29