Perry, A.; Cavers, S.

Susceptibility of native Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) to Dothistroma septosporum following natural inoculation at Torrs Warren, Galloway 2013-2015

Data collected from a progeny-provenance trial to examine Dothistroma needle blight (DNB) infection in native Scottish populations of Scots pine.

Data include multiple infection assessments and height measurements and a single chlorophyll fluorescence measurement, record of branching and a defoliation assessment for each tree in the trial plus measurements of individual infected needles (length of lesions, number of lesions per needle, length of needle).

The trial was transplanted from CEH Edinburgh in April 2013 to Torrs Warren forest, Galloway, a site known to be infected with Dothistroma needle blight (DNB), caused by Dothistroma septosporum. The experiment ran until September 2015 with infection assessments (% estimated DNB severity per tree) performed roughly every 6 months from September 2013.
Publication date: 2016-03-17