Plynlimon research catchments: vegetation map

Vegetation map of Plynlimon catchments. The vegetation map was created for assisting with identifying soil survey vegetation boundaries, and is not an authoritative vegetation survey. The defined vegetation classes correspond with the classes defined in CEH Land Cover Map 2000 (LCM 2000). LCM2000 was classified using a hierarchical nomenclature corresponding to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) Broad Habitats which encompasses the entire range of UK habitats.

Publication date: 2014-04-18

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This dataset is made available under the terms of the Open Government Licence

Format of the dataset : ESRI Shapefile format

© Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (Natural Environment Research Council)

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2013-12-03    to    …

Provenance & quality

Different vegetation classes were digitised on the screen from aerial photography from 2009, of 25 cm resolution, of the area. Then, the digitised map was verified on the ground and amended as needed.

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cyff,  gwy,  hafren,  hore,  iago,  Land cover plynlimon,  severn,  soil,  tanllwyth,  United Kingdom vegetation,  Wales wye
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