Tetzlaff, D.; Lessels, J.; Wookey, P.

Soil pH and bulk density depth profiles in the Siksik catchment, North West Territories, Canada

Data comprise pH and bulk density measurements (location (longitude, latitude), depth, bulk density) for multiple soil profiles in the SikSik catchment, North West Territories, Canada. Samples were collected along a transect in September 2014. Soil samples were taken near additional soil pits. Soil depth and sampling location (latitude and longitude) was recorded. Bulk density was determined according to Blake and Hartge (1986). pH was determined with the 1:5 soil:water suspension method (see supporting documentation).
The data were collected under Project HYDRA, a NERC funded UK research project linking Heriot Watt University, the Universities of Durham, Aberdeen and Stirling, and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Edinburgh. Project HYDRA is part of the UK Arctic Research Programme. Project HYDRA studies sites in Arctic Canada to investigate the biological, chemical and physical controls on the release of greenhouse gases from permafrost into melt water and to the atmosphere and how these emissions will influence global warming.

Publication date: 2016-05-18

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2014-09-01    to    2014-09-30


Soil samples were collected in September 2014 along a transect in the Siksik catchment, North West Territories, Canada (Longitude: 133. 26' 26" W, Latitude: 68. 44' 17"N Elevation: 85 metres). Soil pH and bulk density (in grammes per cubic centimetre) data was produced from the samples.


Tetzlaff, D.
University of Aberdeen
Lessels, J.
University of Aberdeen
Wookey, P.
University of Aberdeen

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Environmental Information Data Centre
NERC Environmental Information Data Centre


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Tabular (text)
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WGS 84 longitude-latitude (CRS:84)


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bulk density
soil depth
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Siksik catchment
North West Territories

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