Permafrost catchments in transition: hydrological controls on carbon cycling and greenhouse gas budgets (PERM-HYDRO)
(NERC Arctic Research Programme)

This series of datasets includes meteorological data, soil pH and bulk density, stream discharge data and soil temperature, soil moisture, air temperature, relative humidity for vegetation data collected at the Siksik catchment, North West Territories, Canada under the PERM-HYDRO (HYDRA) project.

The data were collected under Project HYDRA, a NERC funded UK research project linking Heriot Watt University, the Universities of Durham, Aberdeen and Stirling, and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), Edinburgh. Project HYDRA is part of the UK Arctic Research Programme. Project HYDRA studies sites in Arctic Canada to investigate the biological, chemical and physical controls on the release of greenhouse gases from permafrost into melt water and to the atmosphere and how these emissions will influence global warming. HYDRA was funded under the NERC Arctic Research Programme.

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