Sinha, S. ; Banwart, S. ; Guo, H.

Simulated soil moisture data at different soil depths from lysimeter experiments in Ningbo, China [2017]

This data pertains to simulations carried for 90 days for a 100 cm deep lysimeter planted with rice plant in Ningbo, China. The diameter of the lysimeter was 80 cm. The boundary conditions for the simulations were obtained from the in-situ instruments. Soil moisture and metal concentration in the root zone were simulated and recorded at regular intervals.

Publication date: 2020-02-21

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You must cite: Sinha, S. ; Banwart, S. ; Guo, H. (2020). Simulated soil moisture data at different soil depths from lysimeter experiments in Ningbo, China [2017]. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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The model used for the simulation is a finite element model Hydrus Simunek et al., 2003 and Simunek et al. 2005 that numerically resolves Richard’s equation for spatiotemporal variation of soil moisture in the vadose zone during the growing season. The entire soil column of the lysimeter (100 cm) was discretized with 101 nodes for conducting high resolution simulation and examine the spatiotemporal variation of the soil moisture through the growing season. The hydraulic parameters (residual soil water content, saturated soil water content and parameter α for soil water retention) required by the model were calibrated to match the observed soil moisture data.


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Simunek, J., van Genuchten, M.Th., Sejna, M., 2005. The HYDRUS-1D software package for simulating the one-dimensional movement of water, heat, and multiple solutes in variably-saturated media. Version 3.0 Hydrus-1D Software Series 1. Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA, p. 270
Simunek, J., Jarvis, N.J., van Genuchten, M.Th., Gardenas, A., 2003. Review and comparison of models for describing non-equilibrium and preferential flow and transport in the vadose zone. J. Hydrol. 272, 14–35.

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Dr. Sumit Sinha
University of Leeds


Sinha, S.
University of Leeds
Banwart, S.
University of Leeds
Guo, H.
Nanjing University

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