Phillimore, A.B.; Macphie, K.M.; Samplonius, J.M.; Shutt, J.D.; Hadfield, J.D.

Tritrophic phenology and associated data from 44 sites in Scotland, 2014-2021

This dataset contains data on temperature and tritrophic phenology collected across 44 sites in Scotland for the period 2014 – 2021. Each site was visited every 2 days through the spring. The phenology of first budburst and leaf out of approx. 700 marked trees was recorded. Every 4 days marked branches were beaten and data was collected on the number of caterpillars (and spiders and beetles). Data on the breeding phenology (first egg date, hatch date) and breeding success of blue tits was recorded at 4-8 nestboxes per site.

This work was supported by Natural Environment Research Council grant NE/P011802/1.
Publication date: 2022-06-22