WATer and global CHange (WATCH) Forcing Data (WFD) - 20th Century

The WATCH Forcing data is a twentieth century meteorological forcing dataset for land surface and hydrological models. It consists of three/six-hourly states of the weather for global half-degree land grid points. It was generated as part of the EU FP 6 project "WATCH" (WATer and global CHange") which ran from 2007-2011. The data was generated in 2 tranches with slightly different methodology: 1901-1957 and 1958-2001, but generally the dataset can be considered as continuous. More details regarding the generation process can be found in the associated WATCH technical report and paper in J. Hydrometeorology. To understand how the data grid is formed it is necessary to read the attached WFD-land-long-lat-z files either in NetCDF or DAT formats. The data covers land points only and excludes the Antarctica.

Publication date: 2011-08-01


Study area
Temporal extent
1901-01-01    to    2001-12-31

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More information regarding the data variable resources is available on the WATCH project website data format pages.
Weedon, G.P., Gomes, S., Viterbo, P., Shuttleworth, W.J., Blyth, E., Ã?sterle, H. , Adam, J.C., Bellouin, N., Boucher, O. & Best, M. (2011). Creation of the WATCH Forcing Data and Its Use to Assess Global and Regional Reference Crop Evaporation over Land during the Twentieth Century. Journal of Hydrometeorology: Vol 12, No 5.
Weedon, G.P., Gomes, S., Viterbo, P., Ã?sterle, H., Adam, J.C., Bellouin, N., Boucher, O., and Best, M. . (Feb 2010) THE WATCH FORCING DATA 1958-2001: A METEOROLOGICAL FORCING DATASET FOR LAND SURFACE- AND HYDROLOGICAL-MODELS.

Provenance & quality

These data were created as part of the EU FP6 project WATCH which was coordinated by NERC-CEH and ran from 2007-2011. The data were generated in two tranches according to time interval. The data from 1958-2001 were based on ECMWF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting) "ERA-40" reanalysis data via interpolation, elevation correction and monthly bias correction from gridded observations. The data from 1901-1957 were created via re-ordering of the ERA-40 reanalysis one year at a time. For full details of the process see the WATCH technical report No 22 and Weedon (2011, J. Hydrometeorology).

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Warnaars, T.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
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Spatial reference system
WGS 84


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Climatology / Meteorology / Atmosphere
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