Kay, A.L.; Rudd, A.C.; Davies, H.N.; Lane, R.A.; Bell, V.A.

Grid-to-Grid model estimates of river flow for Northern Ireland driven by UK Climate Projections 2018 (UKCP18) Regional (12km) data (1980 to 2080)

Gridded hydrological model river flow estimates on a 1km grid over Northern Ireland for the period Dec 1980 - Nov 2080. The dataset includes monthly mean river flow, annual maxima of daily mean river flow (water years Oct - Sept), along with the date of occurrence, and annual minima of 7-day mean river flow (years spanning Dec-Nov), along with the date of occurrence (units: m3/s). The data are provided in gridded netCDF files.

There is one file for each variable and ensemble member. To aid interpretation, two additional spatial datasets are provided: a) digitally-derived catchment areas and b) estimated locations of flow gauging stations both on the 1km x 1km grid and c) a 1km x 1km grid identifying majority lake cells.

The data were produced as part of UK-SCAPE (UK Status, Change And Projections of the Environment, Work Package 2: Case Study - Water) a NERC-funded National Capability Science Single Centre award.

Publication date: 2021-08-27


Study area
Temporal extent
1980-12-01    to    2080-11-30

Provenance & quality

This dataset is a model output from the Grid-to-Grid hydrological model (Bell et al. 2009; https://doi.org10.1016/j.jhydrol.2009.08.031) driven by meteorological data derived from the United Kingdom Climate Projections 2018 (UKCP18) Regional (12km) projections (Met Office Hadley Centre 2018, catalogue.ceda.ac.uk/uuid/589211abeb844070a95d061c8cc7f604). The projections comprise a 12-member perturbed parameter ensemble (PPE) of the Met Office Hadley Centre Regional Climate Model (RCM) under representative concentration pathway (RCP) scenario RCP8.5. The meteorological variables used were daily precipitation, daily min and max temperature, and daily PE derived from other meteorological variables (using the Penman-Monteith scheme). See Supporting Information for more details.

Supplemental information

Kay, A.L., Davies, H.N., Lane, R. A., Rudd, A.C., & Bell, V.A. (2021). Grid-based simulation of river flows in Northern Ireland: Model performance and future flow changes. In Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies (Vol. 38, p. 100967). Elsevier BV.

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Kay, A.L.
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