Powell, P.A.; Russo, M.C.; Rojas, T.N.; Piggot Stewart, A.G.; Ruiz de Huidobro, N.; Burslem, D.F.R.P.; Montti, L.

Tree census data from secondary subtropical forests invaded by Ligustrum lucidum, Horco Molle, Argentina, 2020-2023

The data resource consists of tree census data and shapefiles about plots established on invaded sub-tropical mountain secondary forests (Yungas) in the Horco Molle experimental reserve and Parque Sierra de San Javier (Horco Molle), Tucumán, Argentina. An experiment was conducted to investigate management control of the invasion of nonnative species Ligustrum to restore native tree diversity from June 2020 to November 2023.
The data includes the census of 6 plots (240 metres by 140 metres, 3.36 hectares for each plot, the location specified in the shapefile), with arbitrary coordinates (x for the longest side and y for the shortest) to assess the location of each tree. For each tree stem, a tagged ID was assigned and the species recorded, the presence of secondary stems, its perimeter at breast height, the number of small stems, the number of death stems, stem shape and stem fusion.
The work was carried out as part of NERC grant NE/S011641/1 Optimising the long-term management of invasive species affecting biodiversity and the rural economy using adaptive management
Publication date: 2024-02-02