Marthews, T.R.; Dadson, S.J.; Lehner, B.; Abele, S.; Gedney, N.

High-resolution global topographic index values

The topographic index is a hydrological quantity describing the propensity of the soil at landscape points to become saturated with water as a result of topographic position (i.e. not accounting for other factors such as climate that also affect soil moisture but are accounted for separately). Modern land surface models require a characterisation of the land surface hydrological regime and this parameter allows the use of the TOPMODEL hydrological model to achieve this .This Geographic Information System layer is intended for use as topographic ancillary files for the TOPMODEL routing model option within the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES) land surface model. The topographic index variable here is directly comparable to the compound topographic index available from United States Geological Survey's Hydro1K at 30 sec resolution.
Publication date: 2014-11-30