Trill, E.; Robotham, J.; Old, G.; Rameshwaran, P.; Bishop, J.

High-resolution time-series of flood storage area water levels and estimated stored volumes in the Littlestock Brook, Thames Basin, England, 2018-2022

This dataset contains high-resolution (5-minute) raw, atmospheric corrected and mean sea level adjusted water level data for 9 flood storage areas (FSAs) in the Littlestock Brook catchment (a tributary of the River Evenlode, Thames Basin) from 2018 to 2022. The dataset also includes the estimated 9 x FSA stored volume time-series, estimated using a depth-stored volume lookup table for each FSA, produced from a digital elevation model of each feature and a depth-area-volume toolset. The annual barometric pressure time-series used to correct water level is also provided.

This dataset was collected by UKCEH as part of a hydrological monitoring programme for the Littlestock Brook Natural Flood Management scheme. This work was supported by the SPITFIRE NERC DTP (NE/L002531/1) and the SCENARIO NERC DTP (NE/L002566/1).
Publication date: 2022-09-06