Gloor, E.; Barua, D.; Galbraith, D.R.; Hegde, B.; Sunny, R.; Tiwari, R.

Functional traits of tropical forest tree species, Sirsi, Western Ghats, India, 2021

This dataset includes tree eco-physiological traits characterising ranges of functioning of various components of trees. Specifically the dataset includes measurements of thermal limits of functioning of photosystem II, hydraulic safety margin, turgor loss point, CO2 assimilation versus temperature curves, leaf morphological traits for nine representative species measured during two seasons: post-monsoon and summer.

The overall purpose of the measurements from this project is to determine eco-physiological limits of functioning of tropical trees in Western Ghats India and to relate them to continuously measured temperature and water status of tropical forest trees at a representative site (Sirsi).
Publication date: 2023-02-09