Chan, W.; Arnell, N.; Darch, G.; Facer-Childs, K.; Shepherd, T.; Tanguy, M. ; van der Wiel, K.

Estimates of daily river flows for 95 catchments in Great Britain from the GR6J model under present and future climate scenarios, using large ensemble climate model driving data

This dataset contains GR6J (which stands for modèle du Génie Rural à 6 paramètres Journalier) modelled daily river flow time series for 95 river catchments in Great Britain and driving data (precipitation and potential evapotranspiration calculated from temperature) from the EC-Earth Single Model Initial Condition Large Ensemble (SMILE) climate model. The large ensemble is based on the EC-Earth Global Climate Model (GCM) v2.3 and is run for present day (equivalent to present day climate with observed global mean surface temperature for the period 2011-2015) and pre-industrial plus 2°C and 3°C global warming conditions. In total, they make up 2000 years of data for each global warming level (i.e. 16 ensemble members x 25 realizations x 5 years = 2000 years). All ensemble members are pooled to form a continuous 2000-year time series of meteorological input and daily modelled river flows.
Publication date: 2023-03-07