Slavin, E.I.; Wain, D.J.

Weather data from Durleigh Reservoir, 2018

This dataset contains 7-month monitoring of weather conditions at Durleigh Reservoir in Somerset, England, during 2018. A Delta T WS-GP1 weather station was installed ~ 4 m above the surface of the reservoir between 5 April and 5 October 2018.

Publication date: 2020-05-05

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Format of the data: Comma-separated values (CSV)

You must cite: Slavin, E.I.; Wain, D.J. (2020). Weather data from Durleigh Reservoir, 2018. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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Study area
Temporal extent
2018-04-05    to    2018-10-05

Provenance & quality

The data available to download consists of air temperature measurements (°C), humidity (%), radiation (W/m2), rainfall (mm), wind speed (m/s), and wind direction (degrees). Air temperatures, radiation, humidity, wind speed and wind direction measurements were all average over 10 minute intervals. Rainfall was sampled every 10 minutes. See supporting documentation for further information. Data has been checked visually and any obvious errors introduced by hardware malfunctioning have been removed.

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Emily Slavin
University of Bath


Slavin, E.I.
University of Bath
Wain, D.J.
7 Lakes Alliance

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Environmental Information Data Centre
NERC Environmental Information Data Centre

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Inland Waters , Environment
Environmental survey Pollution Water quality
Environmental Monitoring Facilities
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Tabular (text)
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OSGB 1936 / British National Grid
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