Fry, E.L. et al

Atmospheric gas and vegetation survey data from Parsonage Down, UK, in 2014

This dataset contains greenhouse gas flux data and vegetation survey data from an experiment based at Parsonage Down, UK. The vegetation survey comprises total species percentage cover and species richness data from four 50 cm by 50 cm quadrats. The greenhouse gas flux data comprises net ecosystem carbon dioxide exchange, photosynthesis and respiration data measured with an Infra-red Gas Analyser (IRGA); methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide data measured using gas chromatography; and nitrate and ammonium from soil samples extracted with potassium chloride. The experiment investigated the effect of different plant groups on soil carbon stores and nutrient cycling, by using a mixture of hand weeding and herbicide spot spraying to create different plant communities on the species rich grassland at Parsonage Down. The resulting carbon and nutrient cycling rates were compared to the characteristics of the plant groups. The experiment ran from 2013 to 2015 and this dataset contains data from 2014 only. This experiment was part of the Wessex BESS project, a six-year (2011-2017) project aimed at understanding how biodiversity underpins the ecosystem functions and services that landscapes provide.

Publication date: 2017-01-10

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You must cite: Fry, E.L.; Hall, A.L.; Savage, J.; Bardgett, R.D.; Ostle, N.; Pywell, R.F.; Bullock, J.M.; Oakley, S. (2017). Atmospheric gas and vegetation survey data from Parsonage Down, UK, in 2014. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.



Study area
Temporal extent
2014-05-01    to    2014-09-30

Provenance & quality

For greenhouse gas exchange flux, a time series correlation was calculated and low correlations removed (<70%). Outliers were also removed at the beginning and end of sample where appropriate. Calibrations at two levels were done for methane gas flux (at 14, and 33 ppm), carbon dioxide gas flux (at 500 and 1000 ppm) and nitrous oxide gas flux (at 200 and 370 ppm). Standardised protocols were followed in all cases, details of which can be found in the supporting documentation.

Correspondence/contact details

Dr. Ellen Fry
University of Manchester


Fry, E.L.
University of Manchester
Hall, A.L.
University of Manchester
Savage, J.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Bardgett, R.D.
University of Manchester
Ostle, N.
Lancaster University
Pywell, R.F.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Bullock, J.M.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Oakley, S.
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

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Environmental Information Data Centre
NERC Environmental Information Data Centre
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Fry, E.
University of Manchester


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Tabular (text)
Spatial reference system
OSGB 1936 / British National Grid


Topic categories
carbon dioxide,  methane,  net ecosystem CO2 exchange,  nitrous oxide,  photosynthesis,  respiration,  Shannon's Diversity Index,  species richness,  vegetation biomass,  Wessex BESS
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