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Whiteford E.J. et al

Palaeolimnological data from 5 Arctic lakes in Greenland, Alaska and Norway [Lakes and Arctic Carbon]

This dataset contains palaeolimnological data from sediment cores taken from five Arctic lakes. Two lakes located in Alaska were cored in July 2013, one lake located in Greenland was cored in April 2013, and two lakes located in Norway were cored in March 2014. The data includes macrofossil, chironomids and Cladocera analysis at 2 cm resolution; and loss on ignition, diatoms, biogenic silica, nitrogen and carbon isotopes, algal photosynthetic pigments and pollen analyses at 1 cm resolution. All cores were subject to X-Ray Fluorescence scanning analysis at 200 or 400 micrometer resolution before subsampling.

The data were collected as part of the Lakes and Arctic Carbon project, funded under NERC's Arctic Research Programme.
Publication date: 2016-04-01