Phillips, B.B.; Shaw, R.F.; Holland, M.; Fry, E.L.; Bardgett, R.D.; Bullock, J.M.; Osborne, J.L.

Impacts of experimental drought and plant trait diversity on floral resources and pollinator visitation

The floral resources provided to pollinators by different sown plant experimental plant communities were assessed under ambient and experimental drought conditions. The dataset includes the abundance and diversity of floral resources in all plant communities and more detailed information on the nectar quality and quantity provided by three focal plant species. Pollinator visit surveys were carried out on selected plots. These data can be linked to the related 'Ecosystem functions and vegetation data for Winklebury Hill, Salisbury Plain, UK in 2016' ( collected as part of the Wessex BESS project, funded by the NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability research program.
Publication date: 2018-03-28