Slavin, E.I.; Wain, D.J.

Water chemistry samples from Durleigh Reservoir 2018

This dataset contains water chemistry and phytoplankton cell counts collected from 3 different depths at 3 different sites in Durleigh Reservoir in Somerset, England, during 2018. Water samples were collected on 22 Feb, 5 Apr, 20 Apr, 30 May, 13 Jun, 27 Jun, 9 Jul, 24 Jul, 20 Aug, 21 Aug, 22 Aug, 23 Aug, 24 Aug, and 5 Oct 2018. The data available to download includes phytoplankton cell counts (cells/ml), turbidity (NTU), pH, Ammonia (mg/l), total oxidised nitrogen (mg/l) nitrite (mg/l), nitrate (mg/l), ammonium (mg/l), orthophosphate (mg/l), silica (mg/l), Potassium (mg/l), Calcium (mg/l), Geosmin (ng/l), 2-MIB (ng/l), total and soluble manganese, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and aluminium (all: mg/l).

Publication date: 2020-05-05

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You must cite: Slavin, E.I.; Wain, D.J. (2020). Water chemistry samples from Durleigh Reservoir 2018. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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Study area
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2018-02-22    to    2018-10-05

Provenance & quality

The 3 sampling locations varied in water depth and distance from artificial mixing devices (surface mixers) in Durleigh. Location 1 was closest to the surface mixers (25 m) and deepest (6.6 m on 22 February 2018). Location 2 was 60 m from the surface mixers and 6 m deep (22 February 2018). Location 3 was 435 m from the surface mixers and the shallowest at 4 m deep on 22 February 2018. A boat was used to access all sampling locations, which were each marked by a buoy. On 5 April 2018, access to location 3 was not possible, hence missing values in the dataset. Water samples were collected from the surface, middle, and bottom of the water column using a Van Dorn sampler. Water samples were analysed at Wessex Water Scientific Centre, Saltford.

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Emily Slavin
University of Bath


Slavin, E.I.
University of Bath
Wain, D.J.
7 Lakes Alliance

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