The Macronutrients Turf2Surf project - The multi-scale response of water quality, biodiversity and carbon sequestration to coupled macronutrient cycling from source to sea

The datasets produced by the Macronutrients Turf2Surf project comprise physical, chemical and biological data from field and and experimental measurements. The Turf2Surf project addressed how carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles are coupled in soils, the riparian zone, instream and in the river-estuary transition zone and the relationship with key ecosystem services: water quality, carbon sequestration, food production and terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity. This £3.6 million pound project started in February 2013 and will complete in September 2017. The consortium comprises the University of Reading (NE/J011967/1), the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (NE/J011991/1), Bangor University (NE/J011908/1), The James Hutton Institute and The Freshwater Habitats Trust. Key stakeholders involved represented the water industry, policy makers, regulators, nature conservation, land owners and land managers. Work for the project was done in the Conwy Source to Sea observatory supplemented with work in the Ribble catchment. Turf2Surf was part of the Macronutrients Cycle initiative, a major programme funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council and Scottish Government.

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