Estop-Aragones, C. et al

Soil dates using radiocarbon in profiles from permafrost in subarctic Canada

This dataset consists of soil dates determined using radiocarbon in profiles from permafrost in subarctic Canada. Depth-specific soil core samples were dated using radiocarbon. Soil cores were sampled during early summer in 2013 and 2014. Each year soil cores were sampled from a peatland plateau, thawing features of the peatland plateau, unburnt and burnt black spruce forests, and additional sites in Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Publication date: 2016-02-05

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You must cite: Estop-Aragones, C.; Fisher, J.P.; Cooper, M.A.; Thierry, A.; Treharne, R.; Murton, J.B.; Phoenix, G.K.; Charman, D.J.; Williams, M.; Hartley, I.P. (2016). Soil dates using radiocarbon in profiles from permafrost in subarctic Canada. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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2013-06-15    to    2014-09-15


Plant macrofossils were identified from the bulk soil using a microscope and picked for radiocarbon analysis. Samples were sent to the NERC Radiocarbon Facility in East Kilbride (UK) where they were analysed and given a publication code. Values of radiocarbon enrichment are expressed in percent modern carbon. Ages are reported as conventional radiocarbon age with years BP (before present, where present is defined as AD 1950).


Estop-Aragones, C.
Exeter University
Fisher, J.P.
University of Sheffield
Cooper, M.A.
Exeter University
Thierry, A.
University of Edinburgh
Treharne, R.
University of Sheffield
Murton, J.B.
University of Sussex
Phoenix, G.K.
Universit of Sheffield
Charman, D.J.
Exeter University
Williams, M.
University of Edinburgh
Hartley, I.P.
Exeter University

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Williams, M.
University of Edinburgh
Environmental Information Data Centre
NERC Environmental Information Data Centre
Environmental Information Data Centre


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WGS 84 longitude-latitude (CRS:84)


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Soil radiocarbon
Peatland plateau
Thawing peatland
Burnt permafrost
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