Robroek, B.J.M.; Shepherd, H.E.R.; Sahar, N.E.; Dumont, M.G.

Post-fire microbial data (16S DNA) from burned peat soil on the Stalybridge estate (UK), October 2018

This dataset contains information on the Bacterial Amplicon Sequence Variant (ASV) abundance from peat soil sampled following a wildfire on the Stalybridge estate (UK) in June 2020. Samples were taken in 10 established plots at three time periods following the fire: approximately 3 months, 10 months and 12 months post-fire. This was taken at two depths: 0 – 5cm from the surface (top) and 5 – 10 cm from the surface (bottom). The 10 plots were divided into two groups of five, one that was observed to have suffered a light burn (termed shallow burn) and one that received a more severe burn (termed deep burn). Five additional plots were sampled at the same time as the 3-month samples from a neighbouring unburned site (termed control plots). Samples where no ASVs were observed were removed from the dataset.
Publication date: 2022-01-18