Robinson, E.L.; Blyth, E.M.; Clark, D.B.; Comyn-Platt, E.; Rudd, A.C.; Wiggins, M.

Climate hydrology and ecology research support system meteorology dataset for Great Britain (1961-2019) [CHESS-met]

Gridded daily meteorological variables over Great Britain for the years 1961-2019 at 1 km resolution. This dataset contains time series of daily mean values of air temperature (K), specific humidity (kg kg-1), wind speed (m s-1), downward longwave radiation (W m-2), downward shortwave radiation (W m-2), precipitation (kg m-2 s-2) and air pressure (Pa), plus daily temperature range (K). These are the variables required to run the JULES land surface model with daily disaggregation.

The data are provided in gridded netCDF files. There is one file for each variable for each month of the dataset.

This research has been carried out under national capability funding as part of the NERC Hydro-JULES programme (NE/S017380/1) and under the NERC Changing Water Cycle program (NE/I006087/1).
Publication date: 2023-05-09