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Martinez-de la Torre, A.; Blyth, E.M.; Robinson, E.L.

Water, carbon and energy fluxes simulation for Great Britain using the JULES Land Surface Model and the Climate Hydrology and Ecology research Support System meteorology dataset (1961-2015) [CHESS-land]

The dataset contains daily and monthly surface water, energy and carbon fluxes, and state variables for Great Britain over the period between 1961 and 2015. The data was obtained from a 55 years simulation with the JULES Land Surface Model, at 1 km spatial resolution and driven by the meteorological dataset CHESS-met v1.2 (Robinson et al., 2017; The data comes in both monthly (all variables) and daily (only variables with no z dimension) averages. The variables are: total evapotranspiration and components (kg m-2 s-1), runoff (kg m-2 s-1), surface temperature (K), soil moisture (kg m-2), soil temperature (K), snow mass (kg m-2). latent and sensible heat (W m-2), net and gross primary productivities (kg C m-2 s-1), plant respiration (kg C m-2 s-1). The z dimension may refer, if present, to tile (surface type), pft (plant functional type) or soil (soil layer).

This simulation forms the basis for new research paper by Blyth et al (2017, under review).
Publication date: 2018-01-26