Wallbank, J.R.; Cole, S.J.; Moore, R.J.; Anderson, S.R.; Mellor, E.J.

Snow water equivalent estimates using cosmic-ray neutron sensors in the United Kingdom (2014-2019)

This dataset provides daily estimates of the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) using data from 46 COSMOS-UK sites across the United Kingdom. One set of estimates is derived from the cosmic ray neutron sensor and provides an estimate of the average SWE within the sensor’s large (>100m) footprint. Other SWE estimates are based on either a snowmelt model, or, for certain sites, either a snow depth sensor or a buried 'SnowFox' neutron sensor. Additionally, daily neutron counts, the albedo, and a collection of figures for each snow event are provided.
Publication date: 2020-01-06