Woodcock, B.A. ; Oliver, A.E.; Newbold, L.K.; Gweon, H.S.; Roy, D.B.; Pywell, R.F.

Data describing pollen identified from honey samples originating from the UKCEH National Honey Monitoring Scheme for 2019

The following data set describes regional and temporal occurrence of plants foraged upon by managed honey bees (Apis mellifera). This data was derived from DNA meta-barcoding of pollen extracted from honey samples provided by bee keepers archived as part of the UK National Honey Monitoring Scheme (https://honey-monitoring.ac.uk/). All data provided is from the first full year of the scheme in 2019.

Working in partnership with UK beekeepers, the National Honey Monitoring Scheme aims to use honeybees to monitor long-term changes in the condition and health of the UK countryside. Data associated with subsequent years will be made available as samples are processed.

The Honey Monitoring Scheme is supported by national capability funding from UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology under the ASSIST programme.
Publication date: 2022-01-18