Mitchell, R.J. et al

Functional and epiphytic biodiversity differences between nine tree species in the UK

The dataset contains information from 234 trees at six sites across the UK collected in 2018. The tree species studied were Acer pseudoplatanus sycamore, Castanea sativa sweet chestnut, Fagus sylvatica beech, Fraxinus excelsior common ash, Quercus cerris Turkey oak, Q. petraea sessile oak, Q. robur pedunculate oak, Q. rubra red oak and Tilia x europaea common lime. The presence of all lichens and bryophyte species on the trunk to a height of 1.75m were recorded in addition to the presence of the lichens on branches and twigs where these were accessible. The bark characteristics recorded were bark pH, ridge and furrow width, furrow depth, hardness, water holding capacity and the bark patterning. The soil variables studied were: nitrogen mineralization and decomposition rate, total soil carbon and nitrogen, loss on ignition, soil pH and soil temperature. Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy data from the soil samples is also presented along with data on site location and the habitat characteristics surrounding the sampled trees.

Publication date: 2020-02-25

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You must cite: Mitchell, R.J.; Hewison, R.L.; Beaton, J.; Haghi, R.K.; Robertson, A.H.J.; Main, A.M.; Owen, I.J.; Douglass, J. (2020). Functional and epiphytic biodiversity differences between nine tree species in the UK. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.


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Study area
Temporal extent
2018-04-01    to    2018-10-31

Provenance & quality

Lichen and bryophyte data were collected in the field. Unknown species were collected and identified in the lab. Rare species were doubled checked by species experts. Soil chemistry analysis and FTIR followed standard protocols and quality controls as detailed by James Hutton Institute analytical. The data was checked posted entry.

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Mitchell, R.J.
The James Hutton Institute, Craigiebuckler, Aberdeen, AB15 8QH


Mitchell, R.J.
The James Hutton Institute
Hewison, R.L.
The James Hutton Institute
Beaton, J.
The James Hutton Institute
Haghi, R.K.
The James Hutton Institute
Robertson, A.H.J.
The James Hutton Institute
Main, A.M.
The James Hutton Institute
Owen, I.J.
The James Hutton Institute
Douglass, J.

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NERC Environmental Information Data Centre

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Acer pseudoplatanus,  bark characteristics,  beech,  Biodiversity bryophytes,  carbon sequestration,  Castanea sativa,  common ash,  common lime,  decomposition,  ecological functions,  ecosystem services,  Fagus sylvatica,  Fraxinus excelsior,  lichens,  nutrient cycling,  pedunculate oak,  Quercus cerris,  Quercus petraea,  Quercus robur,  Quercus rubra,  red oak,  sessile oak,  sweet chestnut,  sycamore,  Tilia x europaea,  Turkey oak
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Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Award: BB/N022831/1
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WGS 84
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